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Hydrogen or Carbamide Peroxide Whitening? Find out what this means for your teeth.

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Whitening products differ between which active ingredient they contain as the main whitening solution. Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the two active ingredients in the whitening process. The main difference between hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide is that hydrogen peroxide is an effective whitening agent by itself. On the other hand, carbamide peroxide contains hydrogen peroxide in it. For every 30% of carbamide peroxide, there is also 10% of hydrogen peroxide.

“The main difference between hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide is that hydrogen peroxide is an effective whitening agent by itself. ”

A journal published by American Dental Association showed that while carbamide peroxide shows slightly more dramatic results at first, products containing both ingredients produce exactly the same results. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down faster than carbamide peroxide and releases most of its whitening agent within 30-60 minutes. Carbamide peroxide releases about 50% of its whitening agent in the first two hours and it remains active for up to six additional hours. This means, products using hydrogen peroxide has shorter wear time but both active ingredients have similar whitening properties. The amount of product used and the time it will take to fully activate applies to each patient’s unique needs.

"...both active ingredients produce the same level of sensitivity."

Common Questions:

Q: Which ingredients give longer lasting results? A: The time teeth whitening will last depends on diet and lifestyle not the products used. Teeth will gradually re-stain with food, beverages and smoking.

Q: Does hydrogen peroxide cause more teeth sensitivity than carbamide peroxide?

A: Generally speaking at levels of 6%HP and 18%CP tooth sensitivity is rare with both products when applied correctly.

Q: Which works better?

A: Both hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide generate brilliant teeth whitening results. There are no conclusive studies showing one whitens better than the other however hydrogen peroxide offers more direct delivery and is faster acting.

Q: How long does a treatment take?

A: Hydrogen peroxide treatments are generally done in 15-20 minute sessions while carbamide peroxide treatments are 20-25 minute sessions.

Q: Does carbamide peroxide have a longer shelf life than hydrogen peroxide?

A: Products with carbamide peroxide have a slightly longer shelf life than those with hydrogen peroxide however the difference is very slight. Both products will benefit from being refrigerated. The higher temperature peroxide is stored at the faster it will less effective.

Either way you choose, Sunshine Health Products has your Teeth Whitening Wholesale Products with little to no lead times!
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